Dog’s Day Downtown Tipp City

10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Join us as we promote: A Dog Friendlier Tipp City!
* Contests Begin at 11am!
*Prizes are awarded at the completion of each event
Note to Participants: proof of rabies required at check in, registration is at S. 2nd and Main

10:00: Registration and Opening Remarks

#1 Fastest “Come when Called”
Call your dogs through dynamic distractions, and tempting treats and taunting toys for the fastest time to the finish line!
*dogs will be secured with a 15 foot long leash

#2 Responsible Rally – Mind Your Manners
Navigate your way through various stations promoting responsible dog ownership.
“Jumping for Joy, NOT on the Boy!”
Learn ways to prevent your dog from intruding in the space of others through an interactive process that helps your dog remain calm, confident and comfortable.
“Stranger Danger”
Is your dog overly excited when meeting new people? Does he shy away from strangers who approach? This interactive session helps dogs and people live better together.
“If it falls from your dog, it belongs to YOU!”
Tips and Tricks for scooping up after your super pup!

#3 Best Dressed
Present your dapper dogs for a chance to win one of three prizes!