5 Amazing Spots For “Take A Walk In The Park Day”

We read somewhere that today, March 30th, is “Take A Walk In The Park Day”.
That’s a great idea, but why can’t every day be take a walk in the park day? There are so many parks in Miami County with unique features that you could walk each day of the year and find something new every time you go outside.

Here’s a list of some of our favorite spots in Miami County Parks. (in no particular order)

1. Greenville Falls State Scenic River Area


2. F.L. Blankenship Riverside Sanctuary


3. Garbry Big Woods Sanctuary

567x305- Garbry Benches

4. Hobart Urban Nature Preserve

567x305-HobartUrban Fall

5. Charleston Falls Preserve


For more inspiration and motivation, contact the Miami County Park District at (937) 335-6273, www.MiamiCountyParks.com.

There are so many more beautiful spots in Miami County Parks, feel free to share them with us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

Originally published on March 30, 2015.