5 Questions: Indian Creek Distillery, Missy Duer

5 Questions is a blog series that explores the ins and outs of what makes Miami County home grown great.

Missy Duer is the 6th generation of the Staley family to own and live on the family farmstead. She and her husband Joe are the owners and keepers of the history that makes Indian Creek Distillery and Staley Mill.

What was the initial spark that started this plan to make whiskey in this historic place with antique equipment?

My ancestors distilled for 100 years on my family farm…from 1820 until Prohibition shut the distillery down.   My husband Joe and I love my family’s long & rich history and we both felt that the distillery was the only piece missing from this amazing old farmstead.  Resurrecting the distillery was just the right & honorable thing to do.  And it only made sense to use the original pot stills, condenser coils, etc. since all that was still here on the farm and in incredible condition.
distillery pix #150 bottles, still

How long does it take from start to finish to make a batch of your Staley Rye Whiskey, and how many bottles do you produce from it?

The distillation process from mashing into bottling takes approximately 1 month.  This “old-school method” is very slow;  in fact, Joe says that he has come to the conclusion that the “old boys” were never in a hurry for anything!  So, from numerous runs, we will attain approximately 90 bottles of unaged rye whiskey or enough to fill a 10-gallon barrel.
distillery pix #277 mash again

Whiskey is versatile, so in what other products can we find your Staley Rye Whiskey?

We include our whiskey in many different products.  For example, we have soap, bubble bath and candles all made with our unaged whiskey and the soap bars actually has ground rye as a bit of “icing” on the bar. We also have chocolate whiskey balls, salted chocolate caramels & buckeyes made with our whiskey as well. (All these items are locally made). Then, (and this is fabulous), we have local maple syrup that is aged in our used whiskey barrels and WOW! It is delicious!  Other items are on the horizon.

What is the experience like when someone comes to the distillery?

A visit to our distillery will take you back to an earlier time, a slower pace and immerse you in my family’s legacy and early pioneer America. The farm setting itself is beautiful and our new distillery is decorated with whiskey distilling memorabilia of the past from my family. But most of all, you get to see and experience “old-school” double copper pot distillation from the 1800s and taste for yourself our rye whiskey(s) which are relevant for today’s consumer.

distillery pix #224 big bottlling

What is your vision for carrying on this business in future generations?

Because the Staley Farm has been in my family for almost 200 years,  both Joe and I hope that our artisan distillery (and whatever else we are blessed to do) will enable the next generation(s) of the Staley lineage the opportunity to own and entrepreneur this amazing piece of early American history into the next 200 years. My great-great-great grandfather, Elias would be so proud!

Here’s to you Elias from your great great great granddaughter, Missy.



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