Goodbye Big City: Hoof it, Bike it, Hike it, Paddle it, Fish it.

There is something thrilling about the hustle and bustle of the big city…lights flashing wherever you turn.  But, even more amazing is exploring quaint, small town communities while enjoying the beauty of nature all around you.

In Miami County, there are endless opportunities to see the natural beauty of our acres of forest abundant with wildlife, fields of rich soil, birds flying overhead and miles of flowing river.  The lack of congestion is inviting, and the peacefulness is invigorating.

Goodbye couple

Our trails in Miami County are part of the nation’s largest paved trail network.  Whether you would like to Hoof it, Bike it, Hike it, Run it, Paddle it or Fish it…your experience on our trails and in our waters will be a fun and rewarding one.

goodbye canoe

Miami County boasts…
-15 county parks with 30 miles of nature trails
-Over 25 miles of paved bike trails
-Over 20 miles of river
-4 miles of bridle trail
-37’ waterfall
-20’ cascading waterfall
-Over 60 barn quilts

Goodbye bike

Escape from the crazy…get outdoors and be active…join us along the banks of the Great Miami River or in the moving current for a great ride.  Enjoy all these things you can only find when you say goodbye to the big city.

Goodbye goat