#HomeGrownStories – Amber Sowers

Amber Sowers, a native of Troy, started ReU Juicery & Organic Kitchen in 2013 as a mobile business. In December 2016, ReU opened a brick and mortar store on the square in downtown Troy. The juicery specializes in cold-pressed juices but also sells smoothies, salads, wraps and smoothie bowls.

On living in Miami County:
I am from Miami County. I’ve lived in Troy my whole life except for a brief period when I lived in Texas after graduating.

On ReU Juicery & Organic Kitchen:
ReU Juicery & Organic Kitchen is a company that focuses on fueling our community. We use real, whole and clean foods and a lot of plants. We make a variety of cold pressed juices, smoothies, salads, wraps, and smoothie bowls. We’re very focused on whole foods. We want to help our customers get clean, whole foods — and plants — into their lives.

I started ReU Juicery after having my own health challenges. I found it was very important to include more fruits and vegetables in our lives. I discovered how difficult it could be to eat healthy on the go because we were so busy. That’s why I create ReU. We got started in 2013. I worked out of tents at festivals and farmer’s markets. Later we got a food truck and started delivering juice to customers during the week and now here we are. Our location here on the square opened in December 2016. We absolutely love being downtown! The equipment that we’re using here is something you see in the big cities, in Columbus or Cincinnati. We have a true cold pressed juicer so that’s exciting!

Cold pressed juice retains the nutrients in fruits and vegetables. Often when we blend vegetables, the heat produced destroys some of the nutrients. If you use a cold pressed juicer you can preserve the nutritional value of the fruit or vegetables. You can taste that in the juice. It’s like biting into a fresh carrot — it’s wonderful. People that are new to juicing are welcome to come into the shop and talk to us. We are happy to help and support you. We can help people learn how to juice or make healthy foods at home. We can also help if you need a healthy option when you’re out on the go and want to pick something up.

On the community response to ReU Juicery & Organic Kitchen:
The community response has been phenomenal. I couldn’t have predicted how fast we were going to grow. The community is loving it and supporting us. We have something for everyone whether you’re getting started or you’re an advanced juicer. If I had to pick one juice as our most popular item I would say Balance or Refresh. Both are green, cold pressed juices. Balance has pineapple, baby bok choy, jicama, and, cilantro. Refresh has pear, cucumber, romaine, lemon, celery, and mint. My favorite juice changes depending on the day, the time a year, and what I feel my body needs.

What she loves most about Miami County:
With the Strawberry Festival coming up, it reminds me of how awesome our community is. Troy is such a service driven community. The Strawberry Festival supports all our non-profit organizations in Miami County. It’s phenomenal — I love that!

How Miami County different from other places she has visited:
Even though we’re small, we still have the bigger city amenities. It’s “smaller” in a sense that small town, close relationships are possible. It feels like that kind of a relationship can get lost in bigger cities.

Her Miami County recommendations for out-of-town visitors:
I definitely recommend coming to downtown Troy! I also love our Miami County Parks, especially Charleston Falls. People should make sure to visit the Troy Strawberry Festival. Not only is it an awesome festival, but it also supports so many nonprofits that help so many in our community.

ReU Juicery & Organic Kitchen
3 E Main St, Troy, OH 45373
Facebook: @ReuJuicery
Instagram: @reujuicery

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