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Cindy Dobo has wanted to own a bakery since she was very young. She moved to Piqua in 1998 when she took ownership of Daniel’s Bakery and created Dobo’s Delights. Cindy kept many of the original recipes from the 100+-year-old bakery and added many of her own. She bakes many traditional Hungarian treats as well as cakes for any occasion.

On living in Miami County:
I was born in Iowa and my family moved to the Dayton area when I was ten years old. I grew up in Beavercreek. The bakery is what brought me to Piqua. I knew I wanted to own a bakery someday and I have a friend who knew this bakery was for sale. I looked at it and it was everything I had hoped for. It was what I envisioned. So in 1998, I moved to Piqua. I’ve been here a while!

I baked at home with my mom when I was growing up. I also went to a Hungarian church in Dayton. The Hungarian ladies would get together and bake for different festivals and occasions. I learned a lot from them. We also went on trips to Hungary with relatives and friends.

About her bakery, Dobo’s Delights Bake Shoppe:
Before I bought the bakery it was Daniel’s Pastry Shop. It was Daniel’s for 50 to 60 years. The owner before me bought the bakery from the Daniels but she didn’t change the name. I knew what I wanted to name my bakery when I was in seventh grade. We waited a year before we changed it. My dad is Hungarian and Dobo is a very Hungarian name.

Since I bought the bakery we’ve continued baking a lot of the same things, but we’ve also added a lot. We have a website and ship Hungarian pastries and other hard to find baked goods all over the country. That allows me to bake Hungarian baked goods that might not sell here in town. I bake several different kinds of Hungarian cookies that are filled with jam or nuts. We make zserbo, which is a layered pastry with apricot and walnuts and chocolate. One of the most popular Hungarian pastries we make is our Dobos Tort. It’s an eight layer sponge cake with European chocolate buttercream and caramel topping.

We use the bakery’s original recipes for donuts and cakes. We want to stay true to what the bakery has always been. It’s been here since 1909 — or at least that’s as far back as we’ve been able to trace it. We want that tradition to stay in town.

We make all kinds of decorated cakes. That part of the business has grown since I took over. We can do anything from birthdays to weddings to “I feel like having cake today.” [laughs]

On the community response Dobo’s Delights Bake Shoppe:
The community response has been great! I think people were excited to have someone that is passionate about baking. This is what I’ve wanted to do since the seventh grade. I wanted to have a bakery. I knew it was going to happen — I didn’t know where or when. I think people can feel that. They can tell that that passion goes into what I do. This is what I care about.

The most popular items at Dobo’s Delights Bake Shoppe:
Donuts are definitely popular – traditionally glazed and cream-filled donuts. Our cakes are very popular too. People love our buttercream icing. We haven’t changed the recipe and people still come in for it. We started baking some gluten-free items a couple years ago. We’re still experimenting with different things. We bake different flavors of muffins and try to match the flavors according to the season. We make an iced cookie and we have gluten-free cupcakes. If it keeps going well we will add more. It’s something that our customers have asked for. It’s different from some of the fad diets, like Atkins or other low-carb diets. This is something that actually affects their health. Whether they’re allergic or it upsets their stomachs. They’re more willing to try our gluten-free items. Before when we made the low-carb stuff they’d look at it and say “OK, I’ll have a cream-filled donut.” [laughs]

What she loves most about Miami County:
I was reading all your previous stories and everybody says “the people” and it’s true. Even though I didn’t grow up here I still feel at home here. I like that there are four seasons, that there’s a change throughout the year. I love the bike path and I’m out there a lot. Even if I go on the same trail every day it’s always different. There are a lot of beautiful things in Miami County.

As a business owner, I like that the businesses work together. They support each other and promote each other’s businesses. I don’t know if that happens in other communities, but it makes the community become family.

How Miami County is different from other places she has visited:
I really like the downtowns here in Miami County. It creates a sense of community. We’re lucky because all the towns have nice downtown areas. It’s a gathering place for people to come together and there are interesting shops.

Her Miami County recommendations for out-of-town visitors:
There are a lot of things I’m sure that I take for granted because I’m always here. The bike path is one of my favorite things. Fort Piqua Plaza is beautiful. Any shopping here in Piqua is great. The Hallmark store has so many unique and crazy things that you wouldn’t expect a Hallmark store to have. I like that in any of the stores, people are willing to help you find things. The customer service is good, they take the time to get you what you need.

Dobo’s Delights Bake Shoppe
417 N Main St Piqua, Ohio
Facebook – @dobosdelights

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