#HomeGrownStories – Heather Rader

Heather Rader is the world traveling blogger behind Ohio Girl Travels. She grew up in a rural part of Clark County, Ohio and never imagined she’d someday travel around the world. Today Heather has traveled to three continents, over twenty countries, thirty-six states, and over one hundred cities. Even though she enjoys new adventures around the globe, Heather also loves exploring her home state. She is a monthly contributor for Tourism Ohio and has featured Tipp City on her blog. Before leaving Ohio to visit Italy, Heather was interviewed for our #HomeGrownStories campaign.

On her blog, Ohio Girl Travels:
Ohio Girl Travels is a collection of my travel experiences throughout Ohio, United States and the World. From weekend getaway guides, motorcycle rides to exploring destinations around the world or in my own backyard, I hope to inspire others to cherish each day and explore this beautiful world!

Ohio Girl Travels – Charleston Falls & Tipp City Blog Post

What she loves about Miami County:
The friendliness of the people. I always feel welcome when I visit Miami County. I grew up in a small community (in fact, right next door in Clark County) and we always smiled, waved and said hello to whomever we met or passed by, so I feel at home in Miami County with the friendly, welcoming locals! As a child, one of my fondest memories was attending the Troy Strawberry Festival with my family. We would spend the day in Miami County visiting the festival and perusing the local shops in Troy and Tipp City. So whenever I return to Miami County I feel a sense of nostalgia.

Her favorite Miami County spots:
One of my favorite places in Miami County is Charleston Falls Preserve. I love exploring the park and with every visit to the falls, and surrounding nature seem to become even more beautiful! My favorite restaurant in Miami County is Coldwater Cafe in Tipp City.

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