#HomeGrownStories – Jill Flory

Jill Flory is the creative entrepreneur behind the business and blog, Sew a Fine Seam. She sews and decorates pillows, which she sells online, at craft shows and in Miami County shops. Originally from Greenville, Jill has called Covington home for almost 20 years.

 On living in Miami County:
I’m from Darke County. I’ve lived in Covington for almost 20 years. I grew up in Greenville and attended a private church school called Pathway in Miami County. I’ve been in the area all my life.

On starting her own business, Sew a Fine Seam:
I started my blog in 2008 and I decided to call it Sew a Fine Seam because I was always sewing. The main thing I make is pillows. I use canvas fabric for most of them and I detail them in a lot of different ways. I hand stencil a lot of them or I detail them with fabric cut-outs. I do a lot of shapes of states, the state of Ohio and then I also wholesale pillows to boutiques in other states. I also stencil the latitude and longitude coordinates of different locations. That’s what actually got Sew a Fine Seam started. I started doing the latitude and longitude pillows for a friend in Illinois for her shop. Then I started doing them for other shops and then Sew a Fine Seam started as a business in 2012. This was when I started retailing more of my products and going to craft shows. I’ve gone to the Hobnob Market, the Springfield Antique Show & Flea Market, and the Summer Market in Avon Lake. Today I have my products for sale on my website and at several local shops in Miami County. I’ve had my pillows at Smith Merchants in Arcanum for about three years. I also have them at Midwest Memories in Tipp City and at Wright On High in Covington.

On the community response to Sew a Fine Seam:
It’s been good! They are just starting to find out about me in Covington. My friends have always known about it and a few of them have seen my blog. People have been finding out more about Sew a Fine Seam since Wright On High opened. The community has been coming in the shop and seeing my products, they like it so far [laughs]. It’s been good.

What she loves about Miami County:
I like that it’s rural. There aren’t big cities but at the same time, it’s not like we’re out in the boondocks either. I can get about anything I would want without leaving the county. Everyone is so friendly here. It seems like no matter where I go people are friendly — I like that.

Her Miami County recommendations for out of town visitors:
I love The Caroline and La Piazza in Troy and Coldwater Cafe in Tipp City. Those are my favorite restaurants and always where I want my husband to take me. There are great boutiques in Tipp City and Troy and Piqua has several nice shops downtown. When I want to shop for fun I love to shop Troy’s square. Winans Chocolates + Coffees is always my favorite. I make excuses to go to Winans. [laughs]

I always recommend that if you’re in Troy or Piqua head on over to Covington and shop the little shops here. There’s several of them and it’s fun to shop!

Sew A Fine Seam – sewafineseam.com
Facebook: @sewafineseam15
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Twitter: @sewafineseam

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