#HomeGrownStories – Kelsea Wiggins

Kelsea Wiggins has lived in Ohio for her entire life. She is a lifestyle blogger and a social media strategist for an ad agency in downtown Columbus.  So what ties her to Miami County?
“Everything and nothing,” she says.
“My first encounter with Miami County was for a soccer tournament for my older brother when I was six or seven. The Troy Strawberry Festival, I believe. When I found myself back here to visit my ex-boyfriend’s family, I immediately remembered exactly where I was. Miami County has a strange way of always feeling like home.”

How Miami County is different from Columbus:
“I love my city with all of my heart. Columbus is thriving and bubbling and progressive and fast and I adore it. But Miami County allows you to set the pace. Which is amazing. It’s apple pie and Winans coffee and farmers markets, but it’s also entrepreneurs and concerts and exclusive boutiques. I feel like I can mold Miami County into whatever I want it to be, and it will still always feel like home.”

How Miami County is different from other areas of Ohio:
“What Troy, Piqua, Tipp City, and all of Miami County have over other areas of Ohio are the people that call this place home. Every person I meet, no matter what reason I am visiting, has a story and a history and a connection to this town. You don’t find that in other places. There’s a loyalty and a warmth that’s unrivaled.”

Why she loves Miami County:
“I love the roundabouts and the statues. Main streets and hidden gems. I love seeing where people grew up and go to school. I love how connected everyone is. It’s like Stars Hollow in the Gilmore Girls. You don’t think places like this actually exist.”

On her favorite place in Miami County:
Main Street in Troy, OH owns a chunk of my heart. A large chunk. I spent a lot of time getting to know the ladies who run the Miami County Visitor’s and Conventions Bureau so that I could audit their social performance and provide them with a content strategy. What ended up happening was that I fell in love with the souls inside of that building, which I suspect happens to all who meet them. Suddenly, any “work” I had to do for MCVCB did not become “work” at all, but something to look forward to. The 90+ minute drive became the highlight of my week. The cup of Winans waiting for me, my reward. I was so enchanted with this town and more importantly, the beautiful people who lived in it. It absolutely captivated me and I miss it (and them) every day.

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