#HomeGrownStories – Lindsay Woodruff

Lindsay Woodruff is a Tipp City graduate and world traveler. In November 2015, she opened a fair trade store called Pachamama Market in downtown Troy. The store features colorful clothing, jewelry, accessories and gifts that are all fair trade, handmade and eco-friendly. Customers can find beautifully handcrafted items for their home, or gifts for friends and family and know that their purchase will help alleviate global poverty and promote sustainability. Lindsay was recently interviewed for our Home Grown Stories campaign.

On fair trade:
I literally stumbled into fair trade in college. I was on the school newspaper and I was on my way to a meeting and somehow ended up at the fair trade club meeting instead of the newspaper meeting. I saw a couple of friends there so I decided to stay and I got hooked. I fell in love with fair trade and have always had a passion for different cultures and world travel and especially how those can be used as a means for international development. Pachamama Market was kind of my way of bringing it all home. I love my hometown and I’ve always wanted to move back to Miami County, but I still love traveling the world and meeting people and new places and this is my way of combining it all.

On moving back home:
I graduated from Tipp High School in 2004 and moved away for college, traveled for a few years and we moved back here in 2009. My husband and I were out exploring the world and found out we were we pregnant and were like, “Well, it’s time to go home,” [laugh]. We always knew we wanted to raise our family here. It was more of a gut feeling we got, we weren’t ever planning on it, but, as soon as we found out we were pregnant, it was an immediate decision we both went, “Ok let’s move back to Tipp.”

Why she loves Miami County:
Everyone here is just so kind. There’s something very comforting about living in a small town where you know your neighbors and you know you can count on them to take care of you and you can take care of them. Raising our kids in that kind of environment; they know so much love here and that’s really what we wanted for them. There was a young woman, a wife, and mother, in my town that passed away unexpectedly. I was at some sort of community event that evening and a friend of mine was crying and five or six other people came and put their arms around her and somebody walked up to me and said, “Who did we lose?” Just hearing that “Who did we lose,” it was just an amazing reminder of how we all belong to each other here. There’s an amazing quote from Mother Teresa, that “we belong to each other,” we really do live that here.

Her favorite Miami County spots:
Charleston Falls is one of my favorite places. I love the Coldwater Café, I love Basil’s and I love Old Tipp Coffee Company on Second Street, that’s kind of my little-hidden spot, I go there every day.

On bringing fair trade to Miami County:
I get, “Wow, this is really different for Miami County,” a lot but, people are excited about it. People are excited about having a small place to go and experience the world and feel all the amazingly vibrant colors and textures out there that you can’t necessarily find in Miami County, but they don’t have to leave the county to find something from around the world.

On out-of-towners:
I think, one thing that’s different about Miami County and why people like to come here over and over again is it’s such a small place that has so many unique stores and restaurants and experiences. Other places, like big cities, you have to take the subway or the bus to get from one place to another on your to-do list. Here you can just spend the day walking around and see and do it all. I get a lot of people from out of town. I had two ladies who road tripped in from Urbana the other day, which isn’t that far, but for two eighty-year-old women, it seemed a bit of a haul. They just loved it, they loved walking around our town, going to the restaurants. They had actually gone to Basil’s for lunch and needed to sober up before driving home. They were having a riot just walking around and checking everything out.

Pachamama Market
116 S Market St Troy, OH 45373
Facebook: @PachamamaMarketOH
Instagram: @pachamama_market