#HomeGrownStories – The Goon Brothers

The GOON Brothers are known for their adventurous scavenger hunts. These giveaways have kids and adults searching Miami County for clues and fun prizes. They also encourage their followers to give back to their community. During July, the GOON Brothers are asking their fans on social media to creatively give back. They have 31 ideas for their #WAYLF (What Are You Looking For) challenge, one for every day of the month!

On living in Miami County:
The GOON Brothers have lived in Miami County our entire lives. That’s about 25 years. All our families are from Miami County. All have been here for at least 25 years. One brother has relatives that have farmed in the Tipp City area for over 100 years. When we were growing up, I don’t think any of us knew what our plans were for the future. We all value family and our families still live in Miami County. Once job opportunities became available it felt right to settle down in this area. We have so much love and passion for the community we grew up in. Being able to give back is very meaningful to us all.

About the GOON Brothers:
The GOON Brothers are a group of three guys from Tipp City. Our mission is to create experiences that inspire you to give. We create experiential giveaways that take you on local adventures. We hope people will connect with the most important people in their lives while discovering the power of generosity. We are also adding a member to our group. She will be overseeing GOON Brothers Columbus!

On the GOON Brothers scavenger hunt giveaways:
All three of us grew up in Tipp City and when we were younger we constantly complained about being bored. Now we all work with students and have seen this boredom lead them to make some poor decisions. We decided we wanted to change this and give young people something to do. We wanted to go beyond just giving people an activity and we wanted to make it meaningful. So we put our heads together and came up with this idea. People often think they’re only searching for prizes. The experiences they have on the hunts are more meaningful than anything money could buy.

On the community response to the GOON Brothers:
The community has completely jumped on board and supported our mission. From local stores donating gift cards to churches, and individuals helping us financially, the support of the community has kept us motivated to continue the giveaways year round.

What they love most about the Miami County:
It’s the feeling of community. This is where we grew up, this is where we work and go to church on Sunday. This is home. The people here are one-of-a-kind, and it’s the perfect place to discover your God-given purpose in life.

*Not the real Goon Brothers.

How they feel connected to the Miami County:
All three of us work in Miami County. One of us is a school teacher, another is an activities coordinator for adults with disabilities, and another is a high school youth pastor. This is where we went to school, got married, have begun raising our kids. This is where our extended families are. We know people here. This is home.

How Miami County is different from other places they have visited:
People care about one another. They look out for each other. The support and encouragement here is something you don’t see in many other places. Our communities have life and not just economically. Our schools provide solid educations. On a Friday or Saturday night, there are plenty of ways to connect with others. Everybody knows everybody, and everyone is welcome.

What they enjoy about working and living in Miami County:
We love working in Miami County. We’ve been in the shoes of the students we work with and it sparks a real passion in us. We try to do our best to help these kids as they begin to figure out life. Living here is awesome! All the communities are tight knit and offer great events throughout the year.

The GOON Brothers
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