Ohio. find it here.

The State of Ohio Official Travel Guide is now available and we find it to be a greatly improved publication over past years! The cover looks hip and fresh and evokes a feeling of traveling with your friends to capture that perfect weekend getaway. As you continue through the guide, you will see a variety of very cool places to visit perfect for millennials to families to baby boomers.

Ohio Cover Ohio Mill article

Ohio’s new brand, Ohio…find it here, allows each individual experience to shine through.   So what will yours say? Anticipation, find it here. Adventure, find it here. Happiness, find it here. Romance, find it here. These are just some of the emotions you can experience when traveling through our treasured state.

So get out there….live an Ohio life and set your sights on…well…. everything!!

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Get your own copy of the 2016 Ohio Travel Guide HERE.