Ramble Quest – A journey with a mission!

As fall begins, why not take a walk in a park? If you do, you might want to try the adventure of Ramble Quest!

Your challenge is to walk all the miles in the Miami County Parks and earn a hiking stick medallion. This is a perfect outdoor treasure hunt adventure for families!

Take a stroll on the trails through the rustling forest and prairie. If you feel adventurous, walk along the lazy river or past a rushing waterfall. What a great way to experience the various habitats right here in our Miami County Parks.

Ramble Quest1

How to participate

*Download the Rubbing Station Map of the park, HERE.

*Go to that park with your map and a crayon or pencil to make a rubbing at the station.

*Walk the trails to find all the stations on the map (hint…the stations are located on a nonliving object usually a sign post or fence). Make a rubbing at each station.

*Save all the rubbings from each park you visit.


When you complete all the rubbings at each of the Parks call the Park District office at (937) 335-6273 to set up a time to collect your prize!

Thank you to the Miami County Park District for the content of this blog post! Visit their website here: MiamiCountyParks.com