Remarkable Miami County: Bradford, Ohio

While driving along  scenic country roads or in-town thoroughfares, perhaps you’ve noticed those large, heavy looking, brown metal signs that stand tall but sometimes seem a little out of place.  Have you ever wondered why they are there or what they are?

These signs are a glimpse into the past and stand in place where something remarkable occurred.

“The Ohio Historical Markers Program, administered by the Ohio Historical Society, is a vital educational tool, informing residents and visitors about significant aspects of Ohio’s past.” – taken from

Miami County has over thirty of these important markers, and this blog post is the first in a series to share the remarkable story of these people, places and events.

#21-55 Pennsylvania Railroad “BF” TowerMarker 21-55

Located at 501 East Main Street in Bradford, this marker gives you a glimpse into the history of transportation and why Bradford played an important role in furthering the technology of the era.


#08-55 Bradford Fire of 1920 Marker 08-55

This marker is located in Iddings Park in Bradford and tells the history of  a raging fire in 1920 that destroyed most of the businesses and several homes in town.

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