William and Boss Jewelers

217 SE Public Square Troy, Ohio
(937) 335-6755

Jewelry and Gifts

Jewelry and gifts that are fun, fashionable and affordable.

Because we are located in a small town we understand the needs of the small-town community and are committed as an independent jewelry store to help fill those needs.

The Mission of William & Boss Jewelers  is customer satisfaction, plain and simple.    That means offering jewelry and gifts that are  stylish and unique as well as affordable.   Customer Service is top priority at William & Boss Jewelers and we believe direct contact with our customers is the best possible way to help make a buying decision  customers  are truly happy with, whether for themselves or someone they love.   So we encourage customers to come in and browse and window shop.   No high-pressure sales at William & Boss Jewelers.   We understand you, the customer, deserves to be happy with your purchase and o enjoy your visit to William & Boss Jewelers.

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