Tin Peddler

113 East Main St. Tipp City, Ohio
(937) 667-3682
Hours are Mon. thru Fri. 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Saturdays by chance or appointment.

Purveyors of 18th & 19th Century Handcrafted Lighting

Stemming from our deep appreciation for the past, as well as a passion for early American craftsmanship, The Tin Peddler was established in 1974.  It is with that spirit of craftsmanship that we strive to create each item in the same manner as our colonial predecessors made them some 200 years ago.

Using only simple tools, each part is cut, shaped, and soldered, to form a replica of an early lighting device, all created 100% by hand. Although many of our pieces are authentic reproductions of 18th and 19th century lanterns, lamps, sconces and chandeliers; we are honored by the fact that we are establishing our own legacy for future generations. Therefore, a major part of our lighting gallery is dedicated to original designs and custom finishes that are uniquely our own inspiration. We encourage our customers to be inspired as well, and welcome the opportunity to create the vision that they have in mind.

Jim and Susan DeCurtins


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